Susie's Pet Care LLC
Hudson Valley Dog Training, Walking, Boarding, & Pet Visits

Services- Dog Boarding, Dog Training, Dog Walking

Dog Walks, and Cat & Farm Animal Visits: $25 (prices based on location and care, etc. needed) Visits to your home are 30 min & include feeding, brushing, cleaning litter, playing, walking etc. 
Boarding/ Pet Sitting: $55-80 (prices dependent on location, level of care, etc needed) per day in our home. 

We provide in-home care like your is our own!  Your dog stays in our home, plays in our yard. It gets off leash exercise and interactions with other dogs, people and animals while you are away on vacation. Your dog will be free to run in a fenced yard during the day and sleep in a warm bed at night.  All dogs gets lots of biscuits, love and attention.  You will need to send your dog’s food and anything else you think is important. Pick up and drop off time must be agreed upon and set when booked. Late pick up or drop off will incur a fee. 

Dog Pick up/ Drop off: $15-25 (depending on distance)            

Training: $75-100 per hour session. (Two sessions recommended)
Training sessions usually last one hour. We will sit down and discuss what your dog's behaviors currently are and what you would like them to be. I look at a dog's life holistically (history, exercise, prior training, dog and owner's relationship, habits and schedule, etc.) then diagnose what needs to change in the dog and owner's behavior to accomplish the owner's goals for their dog. We then put this training into action, and come up with a training plan for the owners to follow. Most owner's see a change in their dog's behavior in the first session. A dogs behavior will continue to improve with consistent training on behalf of the owner. We check in after a week or two to see how its going and what else may need to be done.

In addition to Private Training Sessions, Susie offers monthly 4-week Dog Training Classes at Camp Bellyrub in Kingston, NY. Please email Susie for start dates. 

I am a member of the APDT and a CPDT certified dog trainer. I use science based positive reinforcement, clicker training to train dogs (and people!). I have helped clients with just about everything--basic obedience, house breaking, crate training, separation anxiety, shy dog confidence building, off leash training, rehabilitating shelter dogs, excessive barking, fear. etc. I consider it my duty to be service to the animals and people I encounter by helping them to have better relationships and more fulfiling lives together. 

Payment and Cancellation policy: We kindly ask for 24 hour cancellation so that we can provide the best care for all our clients. Same day cancellation is subject to full charge of service. 


"PoohBear came to our household with many emotional problems that expressed themselves in the form of serial barking and deep fear of going outside. I almost lost my apartment and my sanity due his unusual behavior. Then a neighbor recommended Susie Deford and our lives changed miraculously almost overnight. One day out of frustration, I simply forced Pooh to go outside. When we got out to the street, there was Susie with 3 canine clients. She saw how I was struggling and simply said “give him to me.” I did. She took no nonsense from him (or me!). Firmly, but with compassion and understanding, she took over. We walked while Susie delivered and picked up other dogs. This began and amazing journey. I hired Susie to do a behavioral evaluation which was intuitive, thorough and clear. She put her finger right on the button, pointing out exactly what was going wrong and what could be done. I finally understood how to proceed in this dog/human relationship and for the first time in 4 months, felt hope for PoohBear and our household. Susie counseled me on how to be firm which would become the key to a more normal relationship. Pooh was now being walked twice a day by me and once by Susie--getting out all that pent up energy. His barking has subsided and he actually runs to the door when I say ‘okay, let’s go out!” Susie DeFord is a magician, dog whisperer, angel and all around great person. She’s truly one of a kind."

-Sharon Azar

"We are so happy to have found Susie because she's turned out to be our very own "Dog Whisperer." Our dog, Francis, has more than a little Chihuahua attitude and a number of classic Chihuahua "phobias" that Susie has helped him get over. For example, because of Susie, Francis now walks up the three flights of stairs to our apartment instead of insisting on being carried-- this is something we didn't think would be possible but desperately needed since we have a newborn baby and a stroller to haul up the three flights of stairs (and just don't have enough hands to carry the neurotic dog, too). We were worried that we'd never get him to walk up the stairs, but within a week of Susie walking Francis he was climbing the stairs cheerfully. He was also noticeably less growly with other dogs and generally better behaved. The great thing about Susie is that she works with us, as well as Francis, to help us have the kind of relationship with our dog that we need to have. We feel empowered by her belief that there's nothing Francis can't do or be, and no reason why he can't be the happy, well-adjusted member of our family that we need him to be. Because of Susie, we're also 100% confident that Francis is going to be great with our new daughter as she becomes a grabby little toddler because Susie will help him and us learn how to make that happen."

-Alison Kadlec & David Hassing 

“We were really stuck this fall when our newly adopted shelter dog, Phoebe, refused to come out of her crate for anyone but her owners and greeted all new people and dogs with suspicion and growls. A neighbor suggested we contact Susie and it made all the difference! Her calm, confident nature put all of us at ease immediately and within weeks Phoebe was happily joining Susie on daily walks and even playing with other dogs in the park. Phoebe continues to love her daily walks and we've continued to consult with Susie periodically as issues arise - she's always been thoughtful and very helpful and we highly recommend her.”

-Karina Moltz

“Susie is the best!  Look no further when it comes to dog-walking around Prospect Heights/Park Slope. When we first got our puppy, Susie came for play-dates when he was too young to be walked.  I think it really helped his development to have her visit. Then, as he got older, she integrated him into the walking pack. Communicating with Susie is always a pleasurable experience.  She's helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.  We love her, and you can tell our dog loves her, too!”

-Cori McKenna

“We highly, highly recommend Susie's Pet Care! Susie has always been a reliable and compassionate friend to our dog. As a professional couple with a small child, we've always appreciated her flexibility and devotion to our best buddy. Over the years, Susie has not only walked our dog, but fed him, administered medications, and helped him convalesce through various operations, even visiting him just to check in, when he wasn't ready for a walk just yet. At the end of his life, she was willing to carry all 55 pounds of him up and down our front steps when he was too weak to walk. 'Nuff said.”

-Mark Schwartz

“Susie is absolutely near and dear to my dog, Claudia's heart. Wagging tails all around! Susie was recommended to me by three other people in my neighborhood and had helped tremendously with the emotional behaviors of my dog. My dog is nervous by nature and is a puppy- 1yr. I got her form the country six months ago. Her biggest feat was getting used to the commotion of city life. For the last six months Susie has walked her to help her adjust, and Claudia is doing very well now. Whenever there is an issue that I can't solve with my dog books, Susie is there for informative/productive/successful training sessions. The care given is affordable, professional, and loving. I feel immensely relieved to have a friend like Susie to be there for us; she genuinely cares. She returns calls and emails immediately in regards to anything from setting up sessions to giving advice. Susie is well versed, confident, and knowledgeable. This is no average dog walking service and should not be passed up.”

-Lola Fennimore

“Susie has been taking excellent care of my dogs Roxy & Finster for six years. She is flexible, devoted, super smart and easy to work with.  I work long hours and have frequently called upon Susie to walk and feed the dogs on very short notice.  She's always willing to help out in a crisis; if she can't do it, she taps someone who can.  My life wouldn't work without Susie.  She is a wonderful walker and trainer.  And my dogs love her! I have recommended her to several friends and neighbors over the years and they are all most grateful!”

-Tonya Jenerette

I highly recommend Susie, especially if you would like some training expertise thrown in with your walks. I was very overwhelmed by my hyper young lab (and scared I could not keep him) until Susie came by for the first time and demonstrated that he could, indeed, be tamed. I had also never given a stranger my keys until that point and felt very safe entrusting them to Susie.

-Kate Milkens


Your services with my dogs Zenna and Akahi have been invaluable. The suggestions you have made along the way when Akahi came into our lives have made our world a world better with regards to his anxiety. Zenna, Akahi and I are a family pack in progress thanks to your walks, support, suggestions and compassion! The Park Slope and Prospect Heights neighborhood dogs are so fortunate to have such a conscientious, caring dog walker and behaviorist…a hidden gem that you are with the promising assistance of Nathan’s doggie care and walks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Irene Spurla

“I have been using Susie for almost 2 years to walk both my dogs.  One is a small Westie who doesn't like to walk and the other a big hound who wants to run all the time.  Susie is amazing at handling and walking them both - she is patient and has trained them to walk together.  She is extremely responsible and reliable.  She also has a special way with dogs. I would highly recommend Susie's Pet Care!!!”

-Surinder Singh

“Susie has been taking excellent care of our dog, Ginger, for (I've lost track) probably the last 7 or 8 years.  She didn't bat an eyelid when I asked her to also take care of our new kitty a couple of years ago.   I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She's punctual, responsible and really loves the animals.”

-Cathy Moore

“We recently hired Susie to walk our newly adopted dog. I knew as soon as I met her that she was great! At our initial consultation, she interviewed us, gave us some training tips and immediately bonded with Stanley. Since then, Susie has arrived on time, been full of energy and keeps in constant communication. We feel very lucky to have her as our dog walker.”

-Kelly Kay

“As new dog owners of a rescued pup, we needed a reliable dog walker who understood our dog's needs. Susie Pet Care is the perfect fit for us. We have real peace of mind knowing Susie is walking our dog. She has also helped us teach our dog simple commands. Susie is an excellent communicator and a pro with dogs. I would highly recommend her dog services,”

-Heather Lester

"Susie is wonderful. She is not only reliable, trustworthy and incredibly responsible, but she has actually helped me train my dog! She is amazingly knowledgeable about dog behavior and I've really needed that raising my dog! Sammy loves her but also respects her and she's taught me to be a little more firm. She is really intuitive, helping me learn about everything, from what might be causing him to have an upset stomach to realizing when he's overreacting (hello a bit of a drama king!). She's kind of like the trainer-walker-friend all in one. I just ran into on the street one day when i moved here, thank god - what luck!"

-Sarah Kershaw

"We recommend Susie for any and all kinds of pet care. She loves the animals and is absolutely reliable!"

-Annette Schultz

Susie is the best dog walker we have ever had!  Juliette and Oliver look forward to their 
walks and are always worn out afterwards.   Not only has Susie helped them exercise, but she has really helped with their socialization skills. We think she's fantastic and we highly recommend her!!

-Elliot Walker

Susie has found the sweet, lovable part of our little Napoleon.  Sally doesn't warm up to people easily, but I have seen first hand how excited she gets every time Susie is around.  She even lets Susie acknowledge her in public (which I can do only on occasion). Susie has just the right balance of love and structure to make our dog feel safe, included and happy.  I can't recommend her enough.

-Jen Long

Susie ROCKS!  We don't know what we would do without her.  Susie is wonderful with our two big dogs, she has experience, patience, and a wonderful calming presence.  We recently moved to Prospect Heights and she not only walks our dogs (who love her) but she also helped us solve a mysterious and tricky barking problem.  Susie is ultra-reliable, gifted with pets, and downright cool.

-Pippa Browde

Susie's Pet Care provides Dog Boarding, Dog walking, Dog Training and Pet Sitting to the Hudson Valley. Ulster, Columbia, Greene, and Dutchess Counties. Saugerties, Catskill, Woodstock, Hudson, Kingston, New Paltz, Rosendale, Stone Ridge and more! Just Ask! 12477, 12414, 12498, 12534, 12401, 12561, 12472, 12484